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Why Personal Finance?

There are three main reasons to teach your children personal finance

  • Money Management Is A Learned Skill

    Knowledge is power. No one is born understanding how to manage money, and not every parent has a strong financial foundation for kids to learn from at home. Financial planning at the high school level can empower students with skills that their lives at home can’t.

  • The Sooner Education Starts, The Better

    Once habits are formed, they’re hard to break.

    If the value of such a program seems uncertain, the reaction of students to learning about taxes should clear the waters. Most of them were shocked to see just how much taxes reduce their take-home pay.

  • Awareness Of The Bigger Concepts That Most Adults Will Face

    Math skills allow anyone to calculate interest, deduct pay withholdings, and understand whether there’s enough money in the bank to afford a purchase or pay a bill. However, there are many financial concepts that are entirely foreign, even to some adults.

Excerpt from Mintlife, Nov 5, 2013 / By Mary Hiers

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